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Thursday, 17 April 2014

50 ideas for everything floral! Celebrate Spring and florafy your life!

Happy Thursday, everyone! As we're heading into this Easter long weekend, I'm hoping you have great warm weather in the forecast, and nothing like the snow we've had here this week. (I know! Ridiculous, right?)

Whether you're knee deep in beautiful flowers, or still just dreaming about them, I thought it might be nice to put together a bit of floral inspiration to enjoy during a quiet moment this weekend. Enjoy! I hope you find a few great ideas to get your Spring moving in the right direction somewhere in here!

So many good ones in there, don't you think? Once again, I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend full of family, friends, and chocolate. :) I'll be back next week. I don't know what with, but I've got about 800 little projects on the go right now so something's got to come out of that, right? See ya then!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

20+ Easy Meals to Make with Leftover Chili

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Things were a little hectic around here with Kennedy's 9th birthday party sleepover, but we all had a good time and the weather was beautiful. Last week, I told you I'd have this post up "in a few days", but as things go, here it is almost a week later and I'm just getting it together now. I know this is one we'll all find handy though. I also just want to take a minute and say thanks to all of the other moms who reached out in the comments section of my last post. In a funny way, it's great to know that there's so much imperfection in this world and that we can all just laugh about it a little together. Now on to the food!

The other day, I shared a simple recipe for chili in the crock pot that I find myself making over and over again, with plenty left to freeze for leftovers. And here's why! Just look at all the tasty meals you can make in minutes when you have a freezer full of chili!

-Eat it straight (Seems obvious, but sometimes I forget!)
-Chili over rice
-Chili over pasta
-Chili over cornbread
-Bell peppers stuffed with chili
-Add some extra tomato sauce and serve it over buns to make sloppy joes
-Chili over broccoli
-Chili hot dogs
-Chili pizza
-Chili quesadillas
-Chili cheese fries
-Mix it with sour cream or cream cheese to make a tasty dip
-Chili over salad to make kind of a taco salad
-Chili scrambled eggs
-Chili baked potatoes
-Chili casserole topped with hashbrowns
-Chili casserole topped with crumbled tortilla chips and cheese
-Chili tacos (use the chili instead of the seasoned meat and add in lettuce, cheese, etc.)
-Chili burritos (Mix it with rice in a tortilla)
-Chili enchiladas
-Water it down with tomato juice or beef stock and make a chili soup
-Use it to make a big plate of hearty nachos and pig out with your family! (My favorite!)

These are just a few that I rattled off in about 10 minutes off the top of my head, but I'm certain there are probably about 1000 more. What other ideas can you think of? I'll be listening!

Don't forget to pin these ideas for the next time you make a big pot of chili at your house!

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