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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Valentine's Day Paper Chains

Kennedy made paper chains for Christmas at school this year and I've been slightly fascinated by them ever since.

They're so easy! So straightforward! So classic! But still so eye-catching.

I had the brilliant rule-bending thought that maybe I could make a paper chain for a holiday other than Christmas if my little heart so desired. And desire it did! So off to Michael's I went for some red paper. I used some brown kraft paper as well to tie in with the rest of my fantel that I'll be showing you soon.

Of the "garland family" of crafts, I think this one is my new favorite. The garland family, you know what I mean right? You've got your standard buntings, you paper buntings, your strings of pom-poms and beads, your natural material garlands, your fabric scrap garlands, your ruffle garlands and your seasonal motif garlands. Am I missing any?

I vote for the paper chain to be top dog for a few reasons. It's so quick, for one. You think it's going to be a big complicated, elaborate thing, because it looks pretty snazzy, but really it comes together super quickly with some scissors and hot glue. It's also super cheap to make and gives any little area of your home a good ol' fashioned fun kinda feel.

You know what else? Perfectionism is just not welcome to the party when you're making paper chains. You can make them with your kids and even if the strips of paper get cut to all different widths and there are glue strings everywhere, no one will even notice because they'll just be distracted by all that cuteness.

If you'd like to vote for paper chains, or any of the other garland-style crafts, simply head on over and "like" Paper Chains for President over on Facebook and cast your vote.

I'm just kidding. That's not really a thing. You were getting a little scared about what this world is coming to there weren't you?

I still think my chain is pretty cute though!

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Maria said...

How cute! I love the brown paper with the red/white polka dot paper! Cute!

Jessica Kielman said...

I love paper chains, but always forget about them...so classic and cute too :) Top dog for sure!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your paper chain is really cute and a sweet craft to make with little ones that they can help with. I had forgotten about something this simple. Thanks!

imklvr said...

Personally, I think you AND your paper chain are cute!! Love your blog!

Inspire Me Heather said...

You are so funny girl - love your little chains!