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Friday, 4 January 2013

Make Your Own Red Cross-Style Accessories

Have you been noticing all this Red Cross (and black cross, and beige cross) type of decor around lately? I thought I had, so I went and looked it up in Google Images, and actually, didn't really find too much. A few pillows, some little jars and stuff, but not as much as I thought I would find.

Maybe it's not such a big trend after all, but the few times I've seen the design used, it's caught my eye. So I took a few minutes and made my own!

I took an old metal bucket that I'd previously disfigured when I tried to paint it in a brown and white buffalo check a few years ago. That didn't work out, but this one did!

Step one was to paint a little beige craft paint where I wanted the cross. Once that was dry I made a little cross out of painter's tape and stuck it over top. I tried out Scott's Blue tape on this one because they sent me a few rolls to try and it did the trick!

Then I painted the whole thing with some Antique White craft paint and pulled off the tape.


Instant hip-ness. Bonus points if you have a cool brick wall to put it in front of. Lose half a point for the Christmas sign that's still stuck to the wall a few inches out of this shot.

Are you wondering about that weird beady berry-y stuff in the bucket?

I got a giant bag of it on clearance at Michael's for $2. I don't know what it's supposed to be, but each individual piece was priced at $7, so I figure it must be cool enough for my new bucket.

Is that crazy or what? Seriously, there was like $80 worth of this stuff in that little bag.

OK, back to the bucket.

Nice isn't it? Try it out if you have 5 minutes, some tape, and some paint. Or if you just want to feel all hip and stylish like I do!

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Heather Inspired said...

Very cute Courtenay - that turned out great!

Amy Renea said...

i <3 u and I love this :)

Pamela Gordon said...

I haven't noticed this trend yet. Really cute idea Courtenay!

Jacque n Matt Knowlton said...

What a great deal, and Love the bucket it's perfect.

lucysinspired said...

Check out Imogene and Willie. They are a denim company in Nashville. They use a cross similar to this as their logo. Super Fashion house! Also, my daughter picked out a sweater with a black cross on the front from Wanelo! I think you are on to the newest, hottest trend! Love your bucket!!

Anonymous said...

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Valentina said...

This is cool!