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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Hall in the Fall

Today marks post number 4365 about the front hall. Not really, but almost.

Are you getting tired of it yet? 'Cause I'm not!

I'm just assuming you're like me here and you're all nosy and just like to snoop around people's houses and have every little detailed posted about. Twice.

So I added another little detail this week and I thought I'd show you!

Up above the door there, see? I thought I'd add in a little extra architectural detail up there so I picked up this porch molding piece from Home Depot. We (you know I mean Chris, right?) trimmed down the back of it so it would sit flat against the wall and then I painted it with some smudgy black and brown and white until it looked oldish.

I applied a whole bunch of hot glue to the back and just smooshed it right onto the wall. It's holding just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I bought this crazy mirror back in August and it was black. Kennedy helped me slop on some Antique White acrylic and I distressed it a bit with sandpaper. I love it. It's still a little bit crazy, but it blends in well when it needs to.

This corner here is kind of the final frontier for this hallway. I just need to find something to put on that wall and then install our new light fixture. Ok, and we need to finish the moldings up the stairs. And pull the carpet off the stairs. And refinish them .

On second though, hope you're ready for another 4000 hallway posts!

I'm kidding. It'll be like 200-250 at most.

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

You know I will be reading all those posts too, lol. Your hall is looking great and the new old porch piece is perfect.

Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker said...

Looks great for to me Courtenay! You know I love some hot glue!

Inspire Me Heather said...

Lot's of hallway posts are fine, love that mirror too!

chateau chic said...

Your entry is looking great, but what I'm really loving are those fabulous arched doorways!!
Mary Alice

Michele Alger said...

Lovin how little it takes to add a whole lot of style! The mirror is beautiful and it seems to me I'm in great need to head on over to my home improvement center. Maybe I'll be posting a thousand and one posts on my entry now! ;)

Cathy said...

What colour are you hall walls? I am looking forward to all of your posts.


Haha, you're so funny. What a great mirror! It's perfect there!

Judy said...

Your mirror is absolutely beautiful. Love your hallway. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

Sherry said...

Beautiful! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for joining me at HSH!