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Friday, 30 November 2012

A New Chair and Some Big News

Oh my goodness, everyone. The biggest thing is about to happen. The. Biggest.

No, we're not getting our own TV show.

No, we're not moving to Ecuador. (You're laughing, but my parents actually just did!)

That's right. Our big news is that we are a getting a..... Kitchen table!!!!!

I know. Whoa. Soak it in.

We've been kitchen table-less for the last year and half since we moved in. One of my sets of parents were visiting us recently and thought that a table might be just the right Christmas gift for us this year. They thought right!

We're still waiting on delivery, but after we went out and ordered it, I took Chris to the store to go meet it and try it out.

While we were there, they had one of my chairs that I had ordered in the back clearance section for 75% off because it wasn't with a set. Score! I love the chairs that I picked out so much that I bought one more, just because it was there.

And then I dragged it outside for a photo shoot even though it weighs about 97 lbs. Because I do things like that.

More to come on this exciting new story as it unfolds!

I know, you still can't get over what a big deal this is. I know.

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Broke Ass Home said...

We have soooo been there. People underestimate how important it is. When I first moved out I had an air mattress, a duffle bag of clothes and a laptop. I was tableless for over a year and (well...mostly furnitureless too) and I remember calling my sister complaining that I had no where to put my orange juice that wasn't carpeted! :)

Amanda said...

I love this, such fond memories of waiting for that next piece of furniture!

Barbara (WA) said...

Here I am again, the woman who could be your mom (or grandmother) and who still has furniture on her wish list. It is so expensive and so thrilling to buy!! Can't wait to see photos and congratulations on scoring another chair.

Scandi Coast Home said...

I can completely understand the significance......;O)
Crazy but true!
I can't wait to see it......the chairs look great!!!
Tania xx

Sandra said...

We feel your jubilation! Our table just arrived this past week. What a joy it is to sit around the table together and share food, visit and, yes, even do homework. I know!! I hope your table brings you as much joy as our table brings us. Looking forward to your photo update! xoxo