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Monday, 30 April 2012

Hanging Mason Jar Vase

The other night I needed a little pick-me-up. I was thinking about different decorating projects I could do, but then reminding myself that I need to tackle the bigger stuff first (which I have been, believe-you-me), but then feeling like I just wish I could be "done" one little room so I could actually just play around in it, but then realizing that it was going to take a little while and not to waste my time creating a bunch of decorations that just aren't going to work in the final room anyway.

It's a noisy place inside my head.

So then I came across this idea on Pinterest. And it was do-able. And would take about 3 minutes. Not too much time to waste at all!

So I got to play around a bit without feeling too silly.

And then I got to take a few pretty pictures of it!

I just wrapped a little 20 gauge wire that I had in my kitchen utility cupboard around a mason jar and twisted a little hook out of the end.

We have all these little plastic hooks around the house in random places and I still haven't taken most of them down yet. So I hung it from one of those.

I stuck some lilac branches in and called it done! I love the little bit of life it brings to this corner of the room, with its visible cords and half ripped-up floors.

It's a great little pick-me-up for a corner that badly needs it, and every time I see it, it's a pick-me-up for me too!

P.S. When I clicked on the link, I couldn't find my way to the original person who came up with this idea. If you know, let me know so I can credit them! Pin It


Karen said...

Very sweet! And just in time for May Day! xx Happy May Day!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love little pick-me-ups - they make all the difference, I think. Having little things that make me smile!!

I love this idea!


Anonymous said...

Take another pic when the lilacs bloom - oh, and capture the smell in a jar!!!


Amy Fountain said...

great room accent! i just love DIY projects.

Rachael said...

I love this idea, you could hang it anywhere. I will have to copy you. THanks for the inspiration!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

What a simple, but elegant touch! It really livens up the corner! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

Take care,


Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Oh, it's so noisy in my head too. Jumbled. Mumbled. Deafening!

Love that you suppressed the voices and created something so darling. With that 20 gauge wire you just had hanging around the house!



Paula said...

Those mason jars are great! Its amazing all the fun things you can do with them. Thank you for sharing

Michelle said...

Im glad Im not the only one with a big wish list of diy projects that Im too scared to give a go. See wasnt so bad was it :)

Pamela said...

Very cute! I love that idea. I have been on the hunt for some vintage mason jars. Thanx for joining THT!

Erin @ Chronic Christian Crafter said...

Cute, simple and easy idea. Love mason jars! Thanks for linking up with us @ "Toot Your Horn Tuesdays". We look forward to seeing what you link up with us again this week!


cathy@my1929charmer said...

Very cute, and so love it. Love mason jars. Could you tell me how you did your first photo collage so very pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best.

Richella said...

I've seen these before, but never would have thought to hang one on the wall as a vase! Great idea.